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Meet Heidi Lasek, Account Executive

We sat down with longtime FSI employee, Heidi Lasek, Account Executive, about what it's like to work with our healthcare CMMS customers and what she is excited about most in her new role.

We sat down with Heidi Lasek, a longtime FSI employee, who is taking on a new role to provide current FSI customers with the tools they need for success. We spoke with her about her background and what plans she has to partner with current customers to optimize their solutions in 2024.

Can you give an overview of your background and how you found yourself in your current role?

I had been in accounting for over 20 years and worked with Joe Serwinski, FSI’s President, at a previous company. I joined FSI to help with accounting, and after about a year and a half I found myself looking for a new challenge - I’ve been in sales ever since! I’m now an “inside” Account Executive, working with current customers which is my favorite part of the job.

How are you approaching this new position?

I’m in the process of making the role my own and bringing value to FSI customers. My focus is connecting with our current users that may not be using FSI’s CMMS across all their locations to get their systems standardized - having one single source of truth drives efficacy across departments. I’m also really looking forward to bringing FSI’s offerings to more HTM users. We’ve been working with facilities departments for a long time, but our software also is a great fit for HTM departments as we’ve been working to enhance features that are more specifically beneficial to those users. If a facilities department enjoys using our solutions, getting their other departments on board as well will create a more streamlined experience for everyone.

What has kept you at FSI over the years?

I like the people at FSI, and I enjoy meeting different people and talking about a product I believe in. I’ve seen FSI’s software evolve and I like where it’s going. When I started, we only had CMS Core and CMS Tech. Since then, we’ve added healthcare-specific tools like Rounding, Analytics, eBinders, and Capital Planning. It’s rewarding to see our users happy with what we have to offer, and we take any feedback seriously to fuel further releases. The constant development and enhancements are a real differentiator for a CMMS product.

What are you most excited about introducing current customers to in the upcoming year?

I’m excited to work with our current customers to make sure they’re fully utilizing the tools that could be most impactful for them. Current users may not be using our full CMMS/EAM product suite, so being able to get on a call with them and tell them about something like CMS View, which is one of our most popular products, and show them how it makes a real difference in streamlining their operations is rewarding. We’re proud to act as an extension of every facilities/HTM team – we place importance on ensuring customers receive the maximum value from our products.

What are some of your interests outside of work?

I spend a lot of quality time with my family. My husband and I have been married for 18 years, and we do everything together with our dog, Zoey. We’re big sports fans, so we love watching football or golf every weekend. Our grandson also lives close by so we get to run over and spend time with him whenever we can.


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