Comprehensive, turnkey drawing and CAD solutions

CMS Drawing Manager is designed for construction and facility managers to easily administer CAD drawings and archive revisions. This, along with our building documentation services like asset verification and data collection, make FSI the perfect partner for your facility. 

600 million ft2



Compliance with The Joint Commission

4x ROI

Per hospital using FSI

A connected suite of operations

Maintain your Environment of Care compliance with CMS Rounding Manager

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Thorough, onsite building documentation  

FSI provides on-site visits to physically measure and update your floor plans as built. We can modify existing drawings or create new drawings from scratch.  

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Receive updated, detailed CAD drawings of your as-built floor plans  

Standard floor plans include interior and exterior components, and we can expand the scope of your documentation based on your needs.

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Classify and report on locations 

Integrate with Space Manager to easily note square footage, account/cost center/department, vacant vs. occupied, custom attributes, utilization standards (FGI, CSI, etc.), and more. 

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Verify, update, store and organize your facilities’ floor plans data 

Including life safety, electrical, mechanical, medical gas, renovations, and as-built drawings. 
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Place Assets and Work Order locations directly on your floor plans 

Integrate with CMS View and users can access real-time drawing updates, assets and equipment across your CMMS programs. 

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Maintain 100% Compliance  

Stay ahead of current regulatory and compliance related requirements from Life Safety, The Joint Commission and beyond. 

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Your single source of truth 

With Drawing Manager, automatically archive each revised CAD file and easily automate communication of all revisions via email to appropriate roles. Drawings are accessible anywhere, anytime by vendors, contractors, architects and managers. Need to quickly locate a drawing? Assign custom attributes which are then easily downloadable as DWG, PDF, JPG and other file types. 

Don’t just take it from us

  • work order management software

    “With our old CMMS database, we couldn’t believe in our data. Now we have a solid data platform on which to base decisions.”

    ”We’re now able to look at individual pieces of equipment rank equipment based on performance, and we prioritize replacements and capital investments.”

  • maintenance management system

    “FSI has become the backbone of our record-keeping and compliance documentation.”

    ”When we went to market for a new CMMS, we figured we’d find just another vendor. What we got was a true partner in FSI. They’ve taken ownership of our issues.”

  • best cmms software

    Transition data into actionable insights.”

    “With FSI's dashboards, the ability to create a search right from the dashboard and seeing the results in real time without having to go back to the actual Dashboard is huge - it's a fantastic feature which saves us a lot of time.”

  • best asset management software cmms

    “I appreciate the scanning capabilities and reporting functions of CMS.”

    “FSI helps us from a regulatory standpoint, improving customer service and recognition and evaluation tool. I can point out top performers across my technicians to see who’s getting their work done and who might be getting good comments from customers.”

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