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Meet FSI’s Customer Advisory Board

FSI's Customer Advisory Board allows us to hear firsthand from customers how our healthcare CMMS helps them address challenges in their organizations.

One of FSI’s four core company values is “customer inspired.” What does this mean? We see our customers as sources of inspiration, fueling our determination to offer the best possible healthcare CMMS and as sources of ideas for product design.

From the very beginning of FSI’s history, the healthcare facilities and HTM professionals we work with have influenced tools and features, brand new products, and gotten us to think about how FSI can always be at the forefront of innovation in the healthcare CMMS space.

FSI's Customer Advisory Board takes a tour of Atrium in Charlotte, NC

One of the ways FSI leverages the voice of the customer is through our Customer Advisory Board (CAB). FSI’s CAB consists of representatives from a variety of healthcare systems across the country. We meet periodically throughout the year to discuss trends in the healthcare industry, changing requirements of healthcare operations teams, and how FSI can grow and improve our products to support their needs. For example, our newest tool, CMS Capital Planning, was inspired heavily by the suggestions and insights of our CAB.

Recently, the CAB met in Charlotte, NC with conversation topics ranging from best practices to quickly train new staff on CMS, utilizing CMS as a repository to retain institutional knowledge, and leveraging CMS data to support FTE staffing models.

CAB Pics (1)

At FSI we believe taking the time to understand our customers’ perspective, gather their insights, and hear their challenges allows us to offer our best possible CMMS.

If you’re a healthcare facilities or HTM professional, we’d love to hear more about the challenges you’re currently facing and what you’d like to see from the CMMS you depend on to keep your hospital and patients safe. Get in touch with a member of our team.

Existing customers can always get in touch with our Customer Success team to share thoughts on their experience and offer any suggestions for the product.


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