FSI Celebrates Women’s History Month

FSI is celebrating Women’s History Month and women in healthcare this March.

In honor of Women’s History Month we’re celebrating the women of FSI who lead, innovate, and work tirelessly on behalf of the clients we serve. To shine a light on some of our colleagues and friends, we asked some of the women at FSI to share memories of mentors and colleagues who have influenced them over the years.

From industry leaders to family members, and even fellow FSI colleagues, here are the most important women in our colleagues’ lives who have inspired and encouraged career and personal development. 

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Who is a woman that has impacted your career or personal development?

Jen D’Alessio, Product Delivery Manager

My grandmother  - she taught me growing up that I could learn and do anything I really set my mind to. She was a Jill-of-all-trades and if there was something that needed to get done and she didn’t know how to do it, she’d learn, and then she’d teach me too. With that mindset, I have learned the skills needed to change my career path mid-life and become successful enough to keep forging ahead to be able to do more of what I really enjoy doing.

Heidi Lasek, Account Executive

My mentor is named Katie, and she’s one of those women that “does it all”.  She’s married, has 4 beautiful children. In addition to being a big advocate for women in the workplace, she has a great job as a Sales Coach and is a highly respected leader on her team.  I first met Katie while she was teaching courses for women in the workplace. This course was so helpful for me and we became friends as a result.

Claire Salinas, Associate Director of Customer Success

In a previous role with a large healthcare system, I participated in a year-long mentoring program designed to develop the skills of women leaders in the organization. My mentor, Shannon, helped me hone my strengths and understand how to apply them in areas I previously had no experience. Most of all, she was, and still is, incredibly generous with giving her time. She’s always available to proof-read something or hop on a call to talk through an issue or idea. Having another women leader supporting my professional journey has been so valuable.

June Grosshans, Accounting Coordinator   

My mother, Patricia Nemchik has inspired me by her dedication and work ethic during her 36 years working in the banking industry. She worked her way up from a New Accounts Clerk to a Vice President and Senior Commercial Lender. She has influenced me by her tenacity and dependability as I develop my career at FSI.

Michele Neff, Customer Support Specialist

The woman that impacted my career actually changed my entire career path. Her name is Janis Berenson. Jan was a regular customer of mine while I was in the restaurant industry. She helped me secure a position at a local surgical hospital, which eventually led me to my current position at FSI.

Gail Mains, Accounting Coordinator

My mom, Audrey - she showed me how to work as a woman and help contribute to provide for your family’s wellbeing and be proud of it, no matter what the job was. I personally took 14 years off to raise my sons and then went back to work.  During those 14 years I worked for a catering company and as cleaning lady for two sisters, for fun money.

Is there a fellow female colleague at FSI you’d like to celebrate?

Nicole Fisher, Sales Development Representative

It’s been a pleasure being able to work with the women at FSI who are dedicated to what they do. Each of their strengths compliment other members of our team, adding a different perspective when problem-solving and being a part of the story of how FSI has become one of the leading work order management software companies in the industry. 

One who stands out is Jenna Irish, our Senior Marketing Manager, who has pioneered the way FSI is represented on social media and in the healthcare space and unifies our departments - she leads with confidence and directs others with positivity and a can-do-attitude We’re thankful for all that you do to help put FSI on center-stage!

Michele Neff, Customer Support Specialist

I would like to celebrate Angie Oglesby. After being in the healthcare industry for many years, she shows that she is adaptive to change, eager to learn and always ready to assist either a customer or associate. Angie is one of the hardest workers I know of and has never backed down from a challenge.

Gail Mains, Accounting Coordinator   

I would celebrate two women: Heidi Lasek because I had worked with her at a previous employer, and she kept me in mind when a position opened here at FSI, and June Grosshans for supporting me as her co-worker.

Annie Hall, Product Owner

I want to appreciate Jen D'Alessio for her eagerness to share her knowledge and expertise with me and others at FSI. As a newer member of FSI’s Development team, I’m in awe of her guidance and the opportunities she provides to those around her to learn from her expertise.

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