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The best CMMS for healthcare maintenance professionals

Revolutionize your operations with a modern maintenance platform purpose-built for, and by, hospital professionals. Empower your workforce with a transparent CMMS to automate accurate compliance reports in a matter of minutes and deliver a smarter maintenance management program. 

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Trusted by leading healthcare systems

Robert Boyce
“If a health care system is considering FSI, I’d be in 100%. FSI has really changed our whole operation. They’ve made our lives a lot easier with what they produce. And they keep innovating. It never stops.”
Nick Zauner
Yale New Haven Health Logo 1
“Before FSI we were only able to account for about 30 percent of our work. Now we’re able to charge 80 percent to work orders, which is huge. And that 80 percent number is growing every day.”
Kebrina Locklear
UNC_Health_Care_2020 1-1
“We’re a health care system, so we use CMMS to keep up with our data for the state and run preventive maintenance on our life safety and routine equipment. Its reporting tools make it easy to keep up with the compliance data that’s always needed.”

Your single source of maintenance truth

Tired of disjointed, siloed data? We are too. Adopt FSI's CMMS to access an integrated, comprehensive maintenance platform tailored to meet your healthcare maintenance management needs. All to create a more productive, safe, and reliable environment for your patients, staff, and auditors.

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Built to empower. Tailored for success. 1


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Future-proof your healthcare maintenance management programs

Adopt a CMMS that's determined standardized best practices across health care and facility maintenance management. With FSI, you can:

  • Bullet Benchmark and analyze performance across your workforce and assets
  • Bullet Retain knowledge and ensure nothing's forgotten within your aging workforce
  • Bullet Eliminate discrepancies across data with standardized nomenclature
  • Bullet

    Stay compliant and maintain your accreditations  

Built to empower. Tailored for success. 1

Standardize and scale across complex environments

Augment your hospital maintenance with a feature-rich platform and integrated suite of products built to empower your hospital management teams with the maintenance tools they need, one tap away. Optimize your hospital's maintenance programs to:

  • Bullet Eliminate end-of-day data entry with mobile CMMS apps
  • Bullet Prioritize work requests with visibility into your workforce's schedules
  • Bullet Automate reporting for compliance, productivity and more
  • Bullet

    Streamline operations by viewing work orders directly on floor plans

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Invest in a CMMS your team will love to use

Ensure fast adoption and consistent use with a simple interface and intuitive controls. You'll be set up for success, from onboarding and implementation to challenges ten years down the road. Some of our exceptional support services include:

  • Bullet On-site data collection to record, verify and update your asset inventory
  • Bullet

    Barcoding with unique IDs to scan and update assets on the fly

  • Bullet

    Data standardization and migration between CMMS systems

  • Bullet

    24/7 customer support and development, tailored to your organizational needs

The leading healthcare CMMS

Optimize your operations with FSI

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