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Baptist St. Anthony turns to FSI for healthy asset management

For the past five years, Baptist St. Anthony's Healthcare system has turned to FSI to run smooth Clinical Engineering operations.

Imagine your team of 12 people is responsible for maintaining 10,000 biomedical assets across nearly 20 healthcare facilities.

The stress alone is enough to require medical attention for yourself.

That’s why Courtney Haschke is glad her director prescribed FSI for all her Clinical Engineering asset management needs.

Courtney is the Biomed Supervisor for Baptist St. Anthony’s (BSA) Health System in Amarillo, Texas. FSI developed its signature Custom Maintenance Software (CMS) for users like her and healthcare systems like Baptist St. Anthony’s.

CMS: designed by—and for—healthcare maintenance professionals

“About five years ago it came time to replace our enterprise asset management system,” said Courtney. “It had become outdated, and we wanted something that could make our job easier.

“We considered three different solutions when my director suggested we look at FSI. He used it before in a Dallas hospital and really wanted to implement it here. That was a good call.”

FSI (Facilities Survey Inc.) was founded by former hospital professionals who designed CMS specifically for hospital Facilities and Biomedical maintenance teams.

With this all-encompassing CMMS, BSA and more than 850 other medical organizations are able to monitor their facility assets in real-time, gaining visibility into inventory levels and asset histories at scale.

A day-to-day lifesaver

“We use CMS to track required, preventive and breakdown maintenance across all our facilities, even the ones that we’ve absorbed,” explained Courtney. “Version 4.0 has been the best thing to happen to us. We’re able to really gear it more toward a Biomed-friendly maintenance program.

“We maintain all the assets here in our actual hospital, plus 10 clinics and several joint ventures. It’s really important to keep all our asset locations separate.

"So, we’re evolving CMS into exactly what we need. We asset tag the medical device that goes on a patient, everything from the smallest infusion pump to the largest MRI machine.

“I love how user-friendly CMS is and how easy it is to add any line of data that I need for assets. That’s been really key.

"We’ll be like, ‘Oh, we need to be tracking asset lifecycles,’ and I can go in there and quickly add that user-defined field and it becomes permanent. That’s been a huge lifesaver, definitely. I love that. It’s definitely not something we could have done with our previous solution.

Keeping 10,000 assets on track

“Every day, CMS tells us what to do. We have it set up where every asset has a procedure attached to it and it generates reports monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually, however we have it set up.

"We're able to go in there and see what we have left and what needs to be accomplished in the remaining days of the month. I mean, running 10,000 assets is a lot for 12 people and CMS really keeps us on track.

“I'm constantly running numbers and completion rates. Without having to open a work order, I can see what’s completed by Clinical Engineering, what’s in progress on a patient, or where we’re waiting on parts.

“The number of factors that I can filter through is far above supreme. I can pull work orders based on who completed them and in what month and be really specific. I love the search factor on all that. I wouldn’t know what we’re accomplishing day-to-day without it.

“I can also track user errors so I can notice where there’s an issue and when we need to go to that nursing unit and educate staff on how to use or load a pump. The insight into errors and challenges has really helped us improve our numbers and see what’s going on.

Better data that’s better organized

“Bottom line, we’re able to get better data and it’s organized better than ever. The biggest change is that with CMS we can create statuses to fit what we need and what we’re looking for. That’s been huge in being able to report numbers and trends to our EOC and exec team.

“I'd definitely recommend CMS. I love how adaptable it is. I’d encourage people to demo it to see how they can customize it. I’d even invite them to visit me to see everything we’re able to do and what the opportunities are for their own Biomedical department.”

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