Healthcare CMMS FSI Nearly Doubles in Size with Ambitious Product Roadmap Slated for 2H 2023

In preparation for an ambitious roadmap for the rest of the year, FSI has grown exponentially. Upcoming enhancements include capital planning tools, integrations, and custom reporting.

FSI Services, the leading healthcare CMMS provider, has seen a 71% increase in new hires added to their Product, Development and Customer Success teams, all in preparation for a robust product roadmap. This includes capital planning, integrations, custom reporting, more biomed/HTM capabilities, and new compliance and regulatory standards features. 

In response to a growing need for vendor consolidation in the healthcare space as hospitals struggle with reduced budgets and staffing retention, FSI is focused on an aggressive product roadmap to ensure facilities and HTM healthcare service professionals can utilize one tool for their respective departments. 

“Our customer conversations have focused on two areas of interest: efficiencies and cost-savings,” said Zachary Seely, CEO of FSI. “Healthcare service professionals today are expected to do more with fewer resources – and we need to constantly evolve our product in a way that supports our customers’ needs. FSI was started by two individuals who walked those very hospital floors – and we’ll continue to build features that ensure accuracy and consistency in our customers’ data, from the asset level to the executive level – critical data that impact larger business decisions within healthcare systems.” 

FSI’s product roadmap includes a newly launched Public API platform that lays the groundwork for seamless integrations, a refreshed UI/UX, capital planning and condition assessment enhancements, and expanded HTM capabilities. 

“The Public API platform is a great example of being customer-centric in our product strategy,” explained Derek Smith, Director of Technology at FSI. “We’ve grown our team nearly 2-fold so we can focus on product enhancements that have been identified by our customers as top priorities, develop key strategic technology partnerships, and ensure customers can easily integrate our product with their current partners using modern development tools.” 

Launched in 2002, FSI was created by and for healthcare service professionals and engineers, offering a purpose-built CMMS specifically for healthcare-managed operations. FSI’s 1,000 plus hospital segments rely on a full suite of services and software that empowers their teams to use data to make smart decisions: including on-site data collection, barcoding, and CAD services.  

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