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Healthcare Facilities and Engineering Week By the Numbers

We're celebrating ASHE's Healthcare Facilities and Engineering Week by highlighting the hard work and dedication of all the professionals we work with.

The last week of October is a special one in the world of healthcare. Falling this year on October 22-28, American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) recognizes the facilities maintenance and engineering staff who keep patients and hospitals safe with “Healthcare Facilities and Engineering Week.”

FSI is proud to join ASHE in celebrating these individuals and the teams they belong to.

The theme of this year's celebration is "Engineering Innovations,” which speaks to the creativity, ingenuity and expert problem-solving that facilities professionals display everyday.

Our team recognizes the hard work of each and every healthcare facilities and engineering professional we meet. Their dedication to providing a clean and safe environment to each patient that walks through the door is what inspires us to provide only the best tools to get the job done.

In celebration of the diligent healthcare facilities and engineering professionals we work with every day, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some statistics from over this last year that show just how incredible this work is.

Statistics including 6+ million work orders submitted and 14,732,481 sq ft walked in hospitals across the US

With all of this said, we share a great big “Thank you!” The exceptional work and commitment to serving patients is what makes each and every hospital operate effectively.

Follow us on LinkedIn to learn more about FSI’s employees and partners who make a difference every day. And don’t forget to visit ASHE’s website all week to learn more.

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