FSI Celebrates ASHE’s Healthcare Facilities and Engineering Week

Learn how FSI is celebrating National Healthcare Facilities and Engineering Week.

During the last week of October every year, the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) celebrates the hardworking facilities maintenance and engineering staff who keep hospitals safe.

The theme for 2021 is “Engineered to Make a Difference,” and FSI is excited to highlight the important role that facility team members have in ensuring safe and efficient hospital environments—for all patients, residents, visitors, and staff.

ASHE is the largest association devoted to professionals who design, build, maintain, and operate hospitals, as well as other healthcare facilities management. It is a professional membership group of the American Hospital Association.

FSI was started by healthcare facilities maintenance professionals and engineers. And since then, we’ve purpose-built a CMMS specifically for healthcare maintenance. We work with those professionals every day and are proud to highlight the hard work they do. This is why Healthcare Engineering Week is a big deal at FSI. This week, we celebrate our team members, clients, and partners who work tirelessly in the background to keep hospitals and healthcare clinics running and keep patients safe and satisfied.

Follow us on LinkedIn to learn more about FSI’s employees and partners who make a difference every day. And don’t forget to visit ASHE’s website all week to learn more.

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