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Q&A with Customer Success

Hear from FSI's Customer Success team in our latest interview. We discuss the secret to happy customers, what's on the CS to-do list for 2023, and more.

Creating value for customers should always be a priority. Whether it’s educating new CMS users to gathering feedback to improve our suite of CMMS products and services, the Customer Success team at FSI oversees several areas that tie back to one commonality – keeping customers happy.

We sat down with Claire Salinas, Associate Director of Customer Success, and Jeff Melton, Customer Success Manager, to learn more about their work here at FSI.

Tell us a bit about you. What were you doing before joining the Customer Success team?

Jeff: My background is rooted in hospitality – before FSI I was managing restaurants and hotels, and most recently I was a CS manager for benefits tech company.

Claire: Before joining FSI I was a Facility Director at Behavioral Health Charlotte. I could spend all day talking about facilities management – especially hospitals. They are pivotal to any community.

There are several CMMS providers. Why did you choose FSI?

Jeff: I discovered the position on LinkedIn while looking for a new opportunity where I could contribute my people skills and customer service expertise. In my interview process, I spoke with several different employees who all seemed to genuinely enjoy their work and the culture.

Claire: FSI has been on my radar since 2015. I was working on my master’s and my practicum was assigned to The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center facilities department. I became a CMMS administrator (using FSI’s software, CMS) and since then have stayed in touch with leadership. This opportunity came full circle – I’m so excited to be working with customers after being a previous CMS user for many years.

What’s been the best part about your role so far?

Jeff: A big part of what we do is make sure our customers are set up with everything they need once they start using CMS. For me, being part of the implementation process with a growing CS department has been really rewarding – I’m helping build the foundation for what healthcare system professionals need to succeed with FSI.

Claire: It’s hard to pick one thing – but serving as a resource to the various hospitals and sharing lessons learned among them has been something I look forward to every day. This collaboration and being able to make suggestions on how to leverage our platform is making someone’s day a little easier. We’ve also launched our first ever private community platform to make this collaboration easier than ever before – providing all FSI users a place to learn and grow together.

Customer Success: What does it mean to you?

Jeff: I’ve had the chance to work with a variety of customers across different industries, and at the end of the day they all share a similar need. Customers want to feel heard – on issues big and small - while receiving the best service possible. It’s my job to be on the receiving end and communicate with our Product and Support teams to help resolve issues as much as possible.

Claire: I’ll share a quick customer story. Ohio State was one of the first customers to implement CMS View, and they realized they had the opportunity to look at a floor plan with above ceiling assets with FSI software – no removing ceiling tiles to climb up and find assets one by one. When preventative maintenance contractors came by Ohio State saw a significant drop in costs - all because they could find assets above with a few quick clicks. The time and money saved really made a difference – this to me is what Customer Success is all about: making our users lives easier.

As a prior FSI customer, what was important to you as a user that you want to replicate for current customers?

Claire: Leveraging our mobile app, CMS Tech, is something all customers should be using. With handheld devices more readily available, we want to see them take advantage of tools in the field so they can access info in timely manner – right from the palm of their hand.

Heading into the new year, what is a project you’re ready to tackle?

Jeff: I’m looking forward to setting up reviews with clients and seeing where we can be improving – feedback is a gift.

Claire: Our team is really excited about what’s next for our 2023 product roadmap. I’m ready to take what we’re hearing from customers and see some of these ideas implemented.


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