Q&A with Angie Oglesby, Manager of Customer Support

We collected FAQs from current customers and got the inside scoop from our ten-year FSI veteran Angie Oglesby.

Our mission is to be the leading CMMS provider for healthcare services professionals, and that means actively seeking areas for improvement. We work with healthcare systems of different sizes and have compiled customer feedback from CMS and CMS Tech users to help us deliver a cutting-edge product that ensures your teams achieve their goals.

Pittsburgh, PA -- July 27, 2022

Today, we interviewed FSI veteran, Manager of Customer Support, Angie Oglesby. She brings 10 years of experience in facilities management along with over 20 years of experience supporting company operations. We sat down with Angie to hear her suggestions around the following customer FAQs.

How do I ensure consistent speed while using CMS & CMS Tech?

Our development team is always trying to improve the user experience, especially when individuals need to switch between segments. The first thing you should do is contact your system’s IT administrator to explore connectivity options within the building. Also, depending on the data you are looking to retrieve, select only the columns you need to decrease the amount of information the software needs to pull.

Can I add Model Number and Manufacturer in CMS?

Depending on the fields you have access to, users can view and edit model numbers and manufacturers. If you are not seeing these fields, we recommend you reach out to your CMS administrator to discuss your access level.

Can we receive notifications when work orders are placed?

Absolutely! There are CMS Tech notifications that are sent to your mobile device (for example, when a new work order is assigned). You can also set up email notifications around the status of your work order (when it is assigned, active to pending, etc.). If you have questions regarding notifications, please reach out to your director or project manager.

Is there a way to add new assets or update asset numbers without admin involvement?

To follow along with best practices and ensure standardization, we recommend limited access so there is asset naming standardization which allows for accurate reports. To request a change, speak with your director or department administrator about ideas for improvement and how to ensure consistency across all assets.

Can members of our team view more than one work order at a time?

Not yet! Pro tip: we recommend users group PMs together to help save time. For example, group all fire extinguishers and exit lights procedures together, combining multiple assets into one simplified work order. Reach out to a member of our Support team to learn more.

How can I help new colleagues familiarize themselves with CMS and CMS Tech?

We understand there can be a learning curve, and our Support team is always here to answer your questions and ensure you are comfortable using the software.

FSI offers continuous learning through monthly webinars, top-notch account support, our Help Site located in CMS, and of course - our annual User Conference! We encourage you to join us September 20-22, 2022, in San Antonio, Texas to learn, network with other healthcare organizations, and optimize your FSI tools.

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