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A Trusted Partner for Your CMMS Needs: Meet John Self, Senior Account Executive

This month we sat down with one of the newest members of our team - John Self, Senior Account Executive.

FSI just finished one of our most exciting quarters to date, so this month we sat down with one of the newest members of our team - John Self, Senior Account Executive. Joining FSI in December of this year, John shares why he loves working with individuals in the facilities and healthcare technology management space and how after 17 years at his last role - why he took the chance on a new opportunity at FSI.

17 years is a long time! Why the change and what brought you to FSI?

I had been at Aerotek since 2005, a leading recruitment and staffing agency doing business development for Manufacturing and Aviation. I worked primarily with facilities managers and learned over the years this is a group of hardworking, honest people who love what they do.

I really enjoyed it, but was looking for work life balance and a chance to make a bigger impact at a smaller company. At the time, an old colleague had a connection at FSI and said there was a great opportunity - here I am. Immediately in my interview I could see the growth potential. The first few months were challenging, but I’ve enjoyed every minute.

Can you share a memorable customer experience you’ve had in the first few months?

I’ve worked with a museum in Ft. Worth, who was actually a prior customer from another health system. I love that customers take our software wherever they end up, and more importantly that we take the time to connect over non-work related topics: family, BBQ.

In my role, I speak with a lot of different teams, and the best conversations are when our team collaborates, from personalized demos to discovery calls that help us understand what our customers truly need in a CMMS partner.

It’s a competitive space. What is your mindset each morning before diving into work?

Others have described me as empathetic, determined, patient, curious - I’m at my best when I can learn new things and help others. Not every day is successful, but I show up with a positive attitude knowing that I get to help alleviate challenges for facilities and healthcare technology management professionals who are serving an important mission.

What advice would you give healthcare service professionals that are in the market for a new CMMS?

Maintenance has always been a part of my life - operating front-end loaders, wheel press machines. I’ve even done asphalt for the state of Texas! I know it can be overwhelming to explore new solutions, embrace change, but at the end of the day we’re here to make your jobs easier. I’d also encourage professionals to be in-person when they can - network at industry events and learn from your peers.

Passion projects outside of work - what are you doing when you’re not speaking to customers and helping solve their CMMS needs?

Anything that involves fixing and building. I have a 1969 Camaro, I build tables for my wife and I have four amazing kids that I learn from every day. My family may love FSI more than I do as we get to spend more time together, but you’ll likely still find me with my laptop at the beach. We’re doing important work, and sometimes 15 minutes here and there can make that difference for the people we serve.

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