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Meet Ed Korshlak, Manager of CAD Services

Read our latest employee spotlight to discover how FSI's CAD services team brings a hospital’s most important asset to life.


We recently spoke to Ed Korshlak, Manager of CAD Services, to find out how FSI’s CAD Services Team (CST) helps facilities and HTM professionals visualize their space like never before. 


How did you find yourself at FSI?

I graduated from ITT Technical Institute in 1999 with an Associate’s in Computer Aided Drafting and Design, having 14 years experience in the field of Architectural Design. It was in this line of work I met Joe Serwinski, founder of FSI, and assisted with onsite surveying and creating plans for his company.  

Since joining FSI full time in 2011, I work with our CMS (Custom Maintenance Software) program frequently on and offsite as well as CAD Design projects. Now taking on the role of Manager of CAD Services for the CST, the department focuses on CMS View, Space Manager and CAD Services, which are all part of the CMS Suite of products. 

How do you think about the hospital space?

One of the most valuable assets in a healthcare organization is the facility space itself. Space Management Services is the new addition to the CMS Suite of products to help with proper space and information utilization throughout a healthcare facility. Our Space Management software mimics the CMS View platform for more user-friendly involvement.  

From Space Utilization – how space is being used, department codes, cost codes and square footage, to Space Management - tracking, managing and recording updated documentation, space allocation reporting is right at your fingertips. 

Two of the most essential products that CAD Services impacts are CMS Tech and CMS View. What do they do?

CMS Tech, the mobile solution for FSI’s work order system, has changed the way teams can operate efficiently. Previously, technicians had to print work orders, write on paper, sit at the computer and type the information into the system, which is time-consuming. With CMS Tech, you can do all of this right at your fingertips with your iPad or phone anywhere on the go.  

CMS View is a graphical representation of the work you are doing for your system. Our CST team can load multiple types of drawings, i.e., Architectural, Life Safety & Electrical to name a few, to CMS View, which can be beneficial for any trade to use for work and inspections.  

One of the key benefits is location tracking. It is easy to find any piece of equipment instantaneously. Techs can set up in the morning, pull up the building and floor plan on an iPad, select the equipment that is being inspected, for example exit lights, and start the work all while seeing a path of work orders for the rest of their day. It is also key for locating hidden pieces of equipment, like those above the ceiling. 

Tell us about the impact your work has had on FSI customers.

One of our clients, who uses CMS View during inspections, said “I love using CMS View for our life safety inspections. The inspectors usually took a week from start to finish, and we cut it down to two days using CMS View, saving us time and money since the inspector wasn’t there all week. The inspector also loved the simplicity of the product.” It was a win-win for everyone.  

One of the most popular features in CMS View is Spot Shadow, which allows you to drop a bullseye on a specific spot on the drawing so you can see the same spot location when switching different floors. 

For example, imagine there’s a leak in one room that could cause a potential disaster. The Spot Shadow tool lets users drop a bullseye on the leak and look to see which rooms are above and below by easily switching floors. This reduces the time trying to locate a particular area.

What are your favorite things to do  outside of work?

I’m from Pittsburgh, where sports are like a religion. We bleed Black and Gold. I love watching my son play hockey and my daughter play softball. I’m also proactive with their teams, coaching and volunteering. Working remotely allows me to be productive but also enjoy some flexibility. 


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