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Visualize Your Assets and Work Orders Like Never Before

Visualize your hospital's work orders and assets easily on CMS View, part of the leading healthcare-focused CMMS solution from FSI.

Perhaps nothing is more daunting than a long list of work orders to be completed. Imagine seeing work orders not in a long list with locations written out, but indicated by graphics on a floor plan, showing you the exact floor, room, or wing of the hospital that needs attention. This type of asset and work order visualization is helpful whether you’ve been with a hospital for decades or are just starting out and getting to know the lay of the land.

This intuitive and convenient visualization of maintenance management has a name – CMS View. Reimagine wayfinding and cut back on the time needed to determine the location of work orders.

When it comes to fulfilling work orders, one of the most common pain points is the time it takes to locate assets, especially when training new staff or directing outside contractors to take care of issues. Lack of efficiency leads to techs wasting time, work order fulfillment stretching on for days, and the possibility of a key asset not functioning in a critical situation.

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Time Saving and Efficiency Boosting

Efficiency and saving time are critical when there are many work orders to take care of and only so many hours in a day. Gone are the days of walking all around a floor of the hospital and checking room numbers to locate an asset. Simply pull up the floor plan on CMS View, see the asset’s exact location, including its proximity to other work orders nearby. This allows techs to check off work orders and PMs one by one, simply marking them complete on View.

You know what they say – ‘time is money.’ Consider this hypothetical: if technicians are saving themselves three minutes per asset or work order by locating them on CMS View, and you have an average of 2,500 work orders or assets to maintain per year, per technician, you’d save roughly 40 hours per month with 20 technicians. To put that in dollar figures, if you pay each of those 20 technicians $45 per hour, that’s a total of $1,800. Those minutes saved might not seem like much at first, but looking at it this way offers a whole new perspective.

Easy Access for All

There are times when those who aren’t familiar with the layout of the hospital need to do important work. Contractors to new hires can rely on CMS View to help them navigate the hospital to complete their work.

Take The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. They needed some above ceiling work done that typically required contractors to spend an inordinate amount of time popping ceiling tiles to look for the asset that required work. But with CMS View’s Spot Shadow feature, none of that extra search time was required. They pinpointed the asset on CMS View and easily located where it was above the ceiling by comparing the location to the same spot on the floors above and below it.

Hospital administrators found that once assets were on View, contractors could see exactly where each asset was supposed to be, streamlining and saving valuable time, leading to contract costs going down. By locating assets faster, they regularly saved on contracts.

This easy way finding is key for anyone who might be unfamiliar with your hospital, whether they work on a different floor, they’re covering a bigger area than usual on a night or a weekend, or they’re a brand-new hire. Likewise, anyone coming to the hospital to take care of a utility issue, like the sprinkler system or a gas leak, can rely on the utility disconnects plotted on View.

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Visualize your assets directly on the floorplan using CMS View.
View icons
Utilize Work Order icons to see exactly which type of asset the Work Order is for. 
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The clustering feature on CMS View shows how many work orders there are when assets are close together on the floor plan.

Changing the Game for Efficiency

For hospital administrators looking to up the ante on timesaving and efficiency for work orders, there is perhaps no better solution than CMS View. Its user-friendly interface, thorough navigation, and easy-to-use features make it a feature that hospitals depend on.

“CMS View is a game-changer, 100%,” according to Robert Boyce, Facilities Engineering Operations Manager at West Virginia University Medicine. “It’s a graphical interface that’s been revolutionary for my guys and myself. My techs like CMS View because they have immediate access to floor plans. They can easily find service calls, which is a huge time save.”

Consider the savings, in time, money, and inefficiencies, that your hospital could experience with a reliable wayfinding tool to tells technicians exactly where and how to find assets and work orders. For a new perspective, look at CMS View.

Quickly Visualize Assets and Work Orders with CMS View

Healthcare facilities professionals are always looking for ways to streamline operations – what if you could easily filter assets or work orders by category to locate and retrieve information with a tap of an icon?

With CMS View, see increased productivity with visibility into work orders across your floor plans, perform maintenance from the field, and improve data accuracy with mobile floor plan, asset and work order displays. Connected via the cloud, all assets, work orders and the core product – CMS – updates simultaneously alongside any changes.

CMS View helps ensure 100% compliance – easily locate and edit work orders, associated assets or equipment on floor plans and set icons with our “Spot Shadow” tool that identify assets or areas that require support.

At the heart of an efficient CMMS is accurate, reliable data – CMS View allows users to change the location of an asset via mobile by dragging the icon to the equipment’s new location on the floor plan. Need to attach an image? Easily attach photos and asset records from any mobile device to identify where issues took place.


Ready to create more streamlined operations for your team? Get in touch with FSI today: sales@fsiservices.com.

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