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FSI's Custom Maintenance Software lives up to its name

Oklahoma University Health relies on FSI's CMMS to manage efficient, effective Clinical Engineering operations. Here's how..

“You know, nothing is perfect, but CMS is pretty spectacular.”

That’s the opinion of Mitch Gibson, Director of Biomed at Oklahoma University Health, one of Becker’s Hospital Review’s Top 100 Hospitals Nationwide.

As a clinical engineering team, he and his group of 14 manage about 22,500 assets across the system’s medical, cancer and diabetes centers, children’s hospital and medical clinics.

A few years ago, Mitch and his team were in the market for a new Biomedical CMMS solution.

Their facility maintenance group thought Custom Maintenance Software (CMS) from FSI looked pretty good and asked if it was something the Biomed team would like to use.

CMS: close to perfect for Biomedical Operations

“FSI came out with CMS 4.0 and it’s been fantastic,” said Mitch. “It’s as close to perfect as you can get because of the customization with the user-defined fields that you can create.

“I think it’s the kind of thing that probably could sell itself with customer-facing meetings and someone showing how it works and how it can be really used in a Biomed group. Some of the dashboards that are available now can be very good.

“The name ‘Custom Maintenance Software’ kind of says it all, right? As a user, you have a huge amount of control.”

Work order management in real time

FSI offers custom maintenance software (CMS) designed specifically for hospital maintenance teams by former hospital facility professionals.

With it, OU Health and more than 850 other organizations are able to monitor their facility assets in real-time, gaining visibility into inventory levels and asset histories.

“The bulk of what CMS does for us is work order management,” continued Mitch. “Next to that would be inventory control every so often. With it up and running, you can start work on-demand in real-time and document everything.

“One of the most interesting advantages is the ability to put 100% of your documentation in the work order since you don’t really have character limits. You could put shipping and tracking information for parts or devices. The more detail the better.

Incredible cost value

“I mean, everything can go in a work order, which is pretty great. You can then eliminate Post-It Notes and handwritten notes and things of that nature. The cost value is very good. It's incredible, really. The cost value is incredible.

“I think the version of CMS we developed should be the standard for Clinical Engineering. It’s that good."

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