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Boost Your Teams’ Efficiency & Productivity with a CMMS Mobile App

There are a wide variety of benefits that come with using a CMMS mobile app, including up to a 50% increase in productivity for your team.

What are some of the struggles you experience in hospital facility management? Is it inaccurate data? Time lost commuting back and forth between the shop and assets? Errors on work orders? These challenges can often hinder you from performing your duties effectively. 

Luckily, a CMMS mobile app can provide the tools you need to cut down on errors while increasing productivity. Whether you are working in facilities maintenance or Biomed engineering, a mobile application will help streamline your work order process.

How a CMMS mobile app supports hospital facility management

You can use a mobile CMMS application in a variety of ways to support your every day work. For instance, with an app, you can view work orders on the fly from any location using any mobile device. You can also easily locate all the assets you need to perform work on. You will begin to notice a variety of benefits after mobile app adoption, including an increase in the following: 


With the ability to see all your work orders and assets from anywhere, you no longer have to stop back at the shop to close out or start a new work order. Instead, you can access everything in the app. Open your assigned work order, locate the asset on your map, then add notes and close out before viewing the next assignment. 

For anyone new on your team, a mobile app that includes floor maps with assets will help cut down on training time. Team members will no longer need to help them navigate the facility as newcomers head to their assigned assets. Instead, the mobile app will guide them both to the location and asset that needs attention. This way, everyone on the team can complete work at the same time, no matter their seniority. 

If your app has functions such as scanning and finding assets using the mobile device’s camera, you can easily scan to identify assets. Then, you can complete active work orders with the knowledge that it’s the right one. Additionally, you can edit records from anywhere. You’ll save a massive amount of time by cutting out the back and forth typically associated with work order assignments. 

An app like CMS Tech allows you to complete more work orders in less time on the job.


Accuracy is a crucial part of any maintenance department's effectiveness. Errors result in lost time and—if they aren’t caught—will hurt your compliance inspections. Luckily, a mobile CMMS app is designed to increase accuracy. As mentioned in the previous section, these apps will help you complete work orders at the site of maintenance. You don’t have to rely on your memory or quick notes; instead, everything is fresh in your mind as you complete the job.

Notably, an app like CMS Tech includes visuals to help you more accurately complete work orders. You can see the asset on the floor it’s located, then pull up related documents or information from your device. This ability is a vital aspect of being able to provide better maintenance services. You can also upload and attach pictures to work orders to give a more holistic picture of each asset’s conditions.

Depending on the healthcare CMMS app’s functions, it can also help simplify your communication across departments. The app can trigger notifications and emails to relevant parties when work orders are created, assigned, and completed. Everything will happen simultaneously, meaning you won’t have to get everyone up to speed once you return to the shop. And, because it’s done on-location, you’re guaranteed better accuracy instead of relying on memory.


There are different ways in which CMMS mobile apps improve efficiency. They allow you to spend more time working since you can view your work from any mobile device. Others, like CMS Tech, work regardless of internet connection. This way, if you lose signal or your device is offline, you can continue working with the knowledge that everything will upload and sync once you gain internet access again. 

Due to the synchronized nature across devices, you can retrieve information on assets or work orders and add information to your CMMS from anywhere in your facilities. This vital measure helps you by providing better, more accurate data and can even help your organization access real-time maintenance information. 

You can also be assigned work orders on assets that are close to each other, which helps you complete your work more efficiently and improves productivity.  


Mobile CMMS apps help with the standardization of the maintenance process. The first thing is a standardized workflow. With an app like CMS Tech, you can customize required fields across your asset and work order records to promote data reliability and reporting. Everyone on the team will follow the same steps and input the same information into the work order. 

From there, that data is sent directly to your CMMS. Because everyone followed the same streamlined process and filled out the same fields, all data follows a certain pattern and naming scheme. This means that all reports will be more accurate. 

The more accurate your data is, the more transparent your reporting will be. You’ll be able to rely on your data to guide any decision-making with 24/7 visibility across your facilities and Biomedical engineering maintenance operations. At the end of the day, you’ll experience more productivity, increased efficiency, and higher accuracy with your standardized data.

Finding the right healthcare CMMS mobile app

Taking advantage of a mobile app will be a game-changer for your facility in today’s world. The technology already exists, which means it’s easy to adopt an app like CMS Tech and start seeing the daily benefits, including increased productivity, accuracy, efficiency, and standardization.

FSI has been in healthcare maintenance for over 20 years. Our CMMS is built for and by healthcare professionals. Our cloud-based computerized maintenance management software helps manage over 650 million sq. ft. of facility space, and our team surveys another 40 million sq. ft. every year to give you usable, accurate data for hospital facility management. 

Learn more about FSI’s CMMS and CMS Tech by requesting a demo today.

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