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Maintaining facilities uptime and compliance with FSI's medical CMMS

Find out how one medical enterprise kept its Facilities compliant, safe and secure with FSI's medical CMMS.

“I’m a big fan.”

That’s what one Corporate Director of Plant Operations at a nationwide healthcare system, has to say about FSI’s work order management system. 

He and his team have a lot on their plates with over 78,000 patients every day.

When it came time to find a new CMMS work order system, his organization chose FSI to meet compliance requirements and deliver high-quality physical environments for patients and staff.  

A scalable, standardized CMMS: FSI

FSI’s work order management platform was designed with the healthcare industry’s best practices and standards that promote efficiency, accuracy, and productivity across every level of their plant operations. 

“Without a doubt, standardization is the key value that FSI offers,” he said. 

His 50,000-person workforce shares a broad spectrum of skill sets, and he can provide his workforce with a standard package to complete work, record data, and promote efficiency. 

“FSI’s standardization really cuts down on human variation and human error, helping us avoid findings with The Joint Commission (TJC). We can also limit condition-level findings because we can focus on the critical inspection testing and maintenance functions we’re held accountable to,” he explained. 

Aside from compliance reporting, he and his facilities engineering team have found opportunities to standardize everything from vendor contracts and pricing to inspection testing and maintenance inspections.

Promoting 100% compliance with a user-friendly solution 

The Corporate Director of Plant Operations and his team travel across the country to conduct survey readiness visits and Joint Commission mock surveys with their Environment of Care, Life Safety, and Emergency Management sections. 

“Compliance reporting within FSI is linked directly to our bottom line, and more importantly, to the safety of our patients, our survival as an organization, and our ability to do business.

“The FSI work order system is a huge part of our facility record-keeping. TJC surveys are looking at electronic records more and more, and it's becoming an industry norm. Because of that, we are building toward an environment where electronic records are standard.

“All of those inspections are tracked within FSI every day, and then we document this in our compliance reporting. That’s a breakthrough in my eyes. 

“Our goal is to use the FSI work orders system with our PMs and document all the activities there. We extract reports from the CMMS and attach those files under the appropriate elements of performance into our preventative maintenance database. 

The true power of accurate, reliable data

As healthcare compliance reporting undertakes digital transformation, the healthcare system leverages FSI’s analytics and reporting to identify recurring challenges and improve Facilities and Engineering operations over time. 

“FSI’s CMMS tracks the information we need to address critical points of improvement. Their data storage and retrieval capabilities are wonderful, and the data help us resolve problems in a more timely manner.”

Using FSI, the healthcare system can better forecast capital repairs and replacements early on to prevent unplanned emergencies. 

In addition to parts management and preventing unplanned failures, the healthcare system is developing CMMS Analytics in partnership with FSI to give hospital leadership opportunities to learn and improve historical data and reporting. 

Aside from training facility teams on understanding their data to anticipate future needs, they also use FSI’s data to monitor and track maintenance efforts across the board. 

With better visibility across maintenance operations, facilities teams can pinpoint what’s working and what’s not to make smarter long-term decisions for their healthcare system. 

A maintenance management solution dedicated to your success

With five years down and many more to go, the healthcare systems’ plant operations team continues collaborating with FSI to maintain compliance reporting, preventative maintenance, and operations. 

“At the end of the day, we chose FSI because of its functionality, simplicity, and currency with Joint Commission standards. We have a great relationship with the FSI team.

“Based upon experience, FSI has a strong CMMS system that’s very well-aligned with healthcare facilities and engineering operations."

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