FSI launches Scan & Find Asset Barcode Scanning Tool

FSI launches Scan & Find within CMS Tech to redefine how users find, update, and complete Work orders management.

FSI launches Scan & Find within CMS Tech to redefine how users find, update, and complete work orders.  

Pittsburgh, PA -- June 17, 2021

FSI, the leading provider of healthcare CMMS facilities and biomedical operations, announced the release of the Scan & Find Barcode Scanner Feature into the CMS Tech app.

CMS Tech is a cloud-based CMMS app that works on and off wifi to help users create and complete work orders for assets. 

“This feature makes our barcode capabilities easier to use within CMS. For the last eight years, we’ve always offered barcode capabilities within certain areas of the application. We built Scan & Find to help technicians to scan a barcode with their own device or an external barcode scanner and pull up work orders for assets quickly and efficiently,” explained FSI’s Director of Product Design,  Joe Stockman. 

With the addition of Scan & Find into CMS Tech, technicians can pinpoint which work orders are tied to which assets, while also creating new work orders on the spot. Through repeated use, Scan & Find will help technicians become more efficient and productive.

Most importantly, the work performed and data entry will be more reliable and accurate, helping healthcare operations teams to perform maintenance on each asset and meet Environment of Care requirements. 

“When technicians are done performing work on one asset, they’re returned to the scanning screen. Now they can walk down the hall, scan asset barcodes, and perform the work listed on the spot to really increase their efficiency in the field. That’s how technicians use CMS Tech, and this will streamline the data entry and work order completion processes,” Stockman said. 

In addition, users can scan asset barcodes to create new work orders, or edit existing work orders already attached to the asset. 

CMS Tech Scan & Find can run on any operating system and with the CMS Tech app available on iOS and Android. Additionally, users can work on or off wifi so facility technicians can use CMS Tech and Scan & Find to create and edit work orders. 

Learn more about CMS Tech, and request a product demo for your healthcare system. 

About FSI 

FSI provides the best tools to promote safe and efficient hospital operations. With cloud-based computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) purpose-built for healthcare professionals, we help empower efficient operations for healthcare systems. 

Our systems manage over 400 million ft2 of facility space and survey another 40 million ft2 every year to give our customers accurate, standardized data. Experience the power of a comprehensive, intuitive, and scalable CMMS to empower your employees and optimize your operations. All to help you create a more efficient, reliable environment for your patients, staff, and auditors. 

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