FSI Hosts 9th Annual User Conference in San Antonio

FSI, a leading provider of CMMS solutions for healthcare, hosted their 9th Annual User Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

Pittsburgh, PA (September 22, 2022) – FSI, the leading provider of CMMS solutions for healthcare organizations, hosted attendees from across the country at their 9th Annual User Conference in San Antonio, Texas. The event is back on after a three-year hiatus and is sponsored by CFS-FI (Silver) and Enstoa (Gold).

One of the only free educational events for facilities and healthcare technology management professionals, FSI announced several exciting initiatives designed to create a seamless, user-friendly experience. The three-day event includes customer feedback sessions, networking with other maintenance professionals, training sessions, product releases, and more.


“It’s a great opportunity to collaborate, bringing our customers and the FSI Team together” said Zachary Seely, CEO of FSI. “The User Conference is an invaluable event. In just a few days, we come away with a better understanding of how our product and services mitigate industry challenges and learn from real-life experiences from those in the field.”

During the event, FSI also announced new enhancements within their CMS product suite:

  • Launch of routine checklist “Clipboard” within CMS Rounding Manager, FSI’s integrated rounding tool for Environment of Care Rounds, Mock Surveys and more. The Clipboard component includes the ability to create a Work Order in CMS based on user answers.
  • Improved UX with new clustering feature, allowing ease of use when viewing Work Order icons. This enables users to quickly identify which work order to complete and discover any asset differences.

This year’s agenda included speakers from several major hospital systems, along with CURE International, a long-time pro-bono customer of FSI that uses CMS Tech, FSI’s product that empowers technicians with the fastest mobile CMMS in the market.

“We are fortunate to work with the FSI team on our shared goal of helping those in need,” said Andy Groop, Senior Director of Facilities, CURE International. “CMS Tech helps CURE  hospitals in Zambia and Malawi manage critical assets and systems that staff   rely on to receive quality care."

Launched in 2002, FSI was created by and for healthcare service professionals and engineers, offering a purpose-built CMMS specifically for healthcare-managed operations. FSI’s 1,000 plus hospital segments rely on a full suite of services and software that empowers their teams to use data to make smart decisions: including on-site data collection, barcoding, and CAD services.

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